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Education Fund

Education is an important mechanism in breaking the poverty cycle and keeping kids off the street.  Mercy Kids Africa is committed to supporting the educational needs of the children in the greater Chingola, Zambia area.  Continue reading “Education Fund”

Chicken photo


We’ve built chicken coops and purchased over 500 chickens. The children’s home uses the chicken eggs for breakfast or for sale to the market. The broiler chickens are raised to maturity and then sold to the market for their meat.

Your donation will go towards the purchase of chickens, feed, supplements & medicine.

This is an ongoing need.



A pig house was constructed in 2013 for 4 pigs with the intent of selling them at the local market. These pigs have multiplied 20 fold and additions have to be made to accommodate the growth.

Your donation will go towards pig feed, supplements, medicine and pen repair.

This is an ongoing need.



The children’s home has over 2 acres of farmable land.  Here they plant a variety of crops to feed the children as well as provide low-cost food options for the community.  These crops include corn (a staple in Zambia), Kale, Tomatoes, eggplant, beans and various other leafy greens.

Your donation will go towards seed, fertilizer, utility costs for operating equipment and natural insecticides.

This is an ongoing need.


Shipping Container

The shipping container will be filled with goods for the Lusungu Children’s Home and then double as a storage unit once it is emptied.

Your donation will go towards shipping fees, transportation costs and materials to create a slab for the container to sit on.



The well will bring clean (and free) drinking water to the center.  COMPLETED July 2015 with special thanks to the Unforgotten Fund for helping to fund the project.

Drip Irrigation System Photo


The children’s home has over 2 acres (and growing) of various crops. During the dry season, it’s challenging to keep the crops well watered. Installing an irrigation system would ensure proper water flow to the crops.  Phase 1 – COMPLETED April 2017 with special thanks to National Community Church.