Tim Torres


After first visiting the Lusungu Children’s Home in 2012, Tim knew there was more that could be done beyond just spending a week with the children. Tim teamed up with lifelong friend, Andrea, to form Mercy Kids Africa in 2014. Tim’s desire is to empower the children’s center through sustainable businesses and have the children placed in loving families. Tim has traveled to over 45 countries, plays the guitar, enjoys photography, athletics and is an entrepreneur.  He currently lives in Washington DC.

Andrea Yesner


Andrea fell in love with the children of Chingola after meeting them for the first time.  She saw the immense need and that fueled her desired to bridge the gap for these orphans!  Compelled by James 1:27, “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you”, she started on her journey with childhood friend Tim to start MKA. She is excited to be part of creating a greater hope and future for these children.  Currently, she resides in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and daughter.  She loves to cook, dance, travel, and spend time with her family.

Nate Yesner

Nate Yesner


Nate joined the MKA team in 2015 as the Treasurer after visiting Chingola, as part of a missions trip.  He was deeply moved by the children in the community and the loving care provided to them despite the very limited resources and He felt that as someone who has been given so much, he wanted to be there for those who have been given so little.  He desires to continue supporting the orphanage to ensure that God’s work can continue there.  Nate loves outdoor activities like hiking and other sports.  He is an avid tennis player and enjoys traveling as much as possible.


Megan Jones


Megan joined MKA because she knew that her heart was called to serve in Zambia.  She began sponsoring a girl in Zambia when she was only 12 years old, and from then on God placed dreams in her heart to serve those in that nation.  She took her first trip to Chingola in 2013, then lived there for 4 months in 2014, and returned for a third visit in 2015. At this time, she cannot physically be in Zambia, so she want to serve the people from this side of the world through MKA. Megan is an educator and mostly loves teaching literacy because  she believes that there is nothing more rewarding than watching a child become literate and make connections with print.  She believes education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle.

Holly Johnson

Communications Director

In 2013, Holly visited Zambia for the very first time and her world was rocked. She saw that each child has so little in worldly possessions, many suffer severe health conditions and yet, they are so rich in JOY and still praise God! It was a humbling experience and she knew that she needed to do more. Months later, MKA was born and it’s been a beautiful way for her to give back from afar and be a spiritual stakeholder in the work that God is doing in Zambia. Holly currently lives in Pittsburg PA but has lived in several cities across the country during her career.  We are excited that she is back on the East Coast as part of our team! She is one of the founding board members of MKA and her favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food because of the marshmallow swirl.

Toni Wilkinson

Marketing Director

After a trip to Zambia in 2013, the children both touched and broke her heart at the same time. She truly believes that there are so many things we take for granted; our food, education, and opportunities. She saw that there were so many things that these children don’t even have access to because of the circumstances they were born into and therefore was compelled to be a part of MKA.  It is her goal to help them rise above their situations and have access to the resources they need to reach their potential.  Her favorite country is Italy because they have the best food, wine and art, those are just a few of her favorite things!  She is currently living in the Washington DC area with her husband and son.